Coaches: Nirmala Sankaran (HeyMath), S. Vaitheeswaran (Manipal Education), Shankar Muralidharan (Woxsen School of Business).

  1. Education businesses are inherently long-term and the only way to build a brand is to impact the customer positively
  2. Education starts paying the investor (learner) only after he or she is done. Secondly, brand name alone is not enough, content and quality are important.
  3. It is paramount to have a focused vision – big, audacious one at that. Then ensure, day-to-day operational roles match this grand vision.
  4. While the most well-known institutions (Harvard, IIMs, et al.) were started several decades back, it is important embrace technology, adapt and offer new methods of learning, even if you’re a renowned institution
  5. Scale is as important in education business, as in any other business. Institutionalizing education business and empowering the employees are key.