Coach: Ameera Shah, MD & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare

  1. Be careful about your commitments, especially if you are a young entrepreneur, because with some power comes great responsibility.
  2. Focus on your end goal, while also keeping a close eye on the journey along the way.
  3. Every entrepreneur plays a different role in each stage of the company’s growth. For example, early stage is about you (the entrepreneur) being the soul of the business. Playing to your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses will help a great deal in overcoming limitations which may be built into your own organization.
  4. Learn to say NO. Opportunities will keep presenting themselves, but if it doesn’t bode well for your business, you may spend the next several years trying to unknot the challenges caused by that opportunity. Ask yourself; is the organization ready for it? Do we have the bandwidth to pull it off?
  5. All young entrepreneurs mostly lack perspective, which comes with experience. To overcome this, build a team of advisors, mentors and friends who can bring in that perspective.