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About Startup 50

The Smart CEO Startup 50 Conference was conceptualized with a deep focus on ensuring a clutter-free conference focused on gathering high-end entrepreneurship knowledge from two categories of people – investors and entrepreneurs.

As people who’ve attended numerous entrepreneurship conferences, we feel that 5 member panel discussions are often unstructured and fail to deliver on the mission of sharing relevant knowledge with the audience. Instead, it becomes too much focused on networking and the content itself takes less priority.

Hence, at The Smart CEO Startup 50 Conference, we’re adopting a content-first approach. Each of our sessions will either be keynotes or 2/3-member panels with one investor and one entrepreneur. The structure of the sessions will ensure that knowledge, experiences and anecdotes from the panel members are shared in a structured, organized format.

The theme for the conference session is “Build to last”. The core focus of the content in all the sessions will be: how does one build for the long-term? What should the mindset of the entrepreneur be? And, so on. The idea is, irrespective of the sector one operates in, there is potential to learn from peers, the fundamentals of building a long-term business.

The Smart CEO Startup 50 Awards aims to reward, recognize and honour entrepreneurs who’ve started up within the last seven years (after April 2010) and have built wonderful businesses that make all their key stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees – proud.

If you believe, your venture has done a wonderful job of building and scaling a venture, nominate yourself to the Startup 50 Awards.

Your company will be evaluated by an established jury (to be announced shortly) of renowned business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors based on eight criteria

1. Originality of idea

2. Innovation of business model

3. The long term potential

4. Revenue/profit and revenue/profit growth

5. Employee satisfaction

6. Customer satisfaction

7. Brand

8. Social impact

The weightage for each criteria and the overall methodology will be updated in this space shortly.

The 50 companies that make it to the list will become a cohort of sorts, and the founders of these companies will be given the privilege of attending a learning session with two extremely respected leaders – one a leading Indian senior industry statesman and another a CEO of a leading global company. You’ll also be given the badge of being a “The Smart CEO Startup 50 Batch of 2016” company, and efforts will be taken to ensure this is a badge you’ll be proud off.

In last year’s edition of Startup50, Happiest Minds was Startup of the Year. Please visit  for the final list of 50 winning companies.