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A chatbot for banks

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Founded by banking veterans, wants to enable better customer experience for banks using artificial intelligence. Singapore-headquartered, is working towards a grand vision of using AI-based Chatbots to help banks not only handle customer service but also eventually complete transactions. “Our expertise enables our platform to be deeply connected to a financial platform via […]

Making BFSI software agile

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Founded by Kalpesh Desai, the former COO of 3i Infotech EMEA, Agile Financial Technologies (Agile FT) has made a serious dent on the InsuranceTech segment, thanks to the domain expertise of its founder. Agile Financial Technologies (Agile FT), with its offices in Dubai, New York and Mumbai, was launched in 2008 to cater to the BFSI […]

Easy Access to Foreign Exchange

By in has a slew of offerings related to foreign exchange, aimed at making travelling abroad easy for Indians. “When you are travelling, right from booking rooms to hiring a porter, you could order online. But the currency that you need to pay for all this – you cannot!”Sudarshan Motwani, currently, the founder and CEO of […]

Attention to detail, the key

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Citrus Payments, which was recently acquired by Naspers-owned PayU, offers a range of digital payment solutions with detailed reporting and analytics especially for merchants. Jitendra Gupta, the founder believes that, attention to the finer needs of merchants and consumers is critical to winning their loyalty. Jitendra Gupta, now the founder of Citrus Payments, had over […]

The peer-to-peer lending platform

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Faircent founder Rajat Gandhi got the idea that peer-to-peer lending would work, thanks to observing a colleague buy a bullet by borrowing credit from a bunch of  friends. Today, Faircent processes over Rs. 1 crore worth of loans per month, all through peer-to-peer lending. An idea can be ignited even from a small spark. The […]

Reducing friction in MSME Lending

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Alok Mittal, the entrepreneur-turned-VC-turned-entrepreneur, wants to use big data to reduce friction and inefficiencies in the process of lending to MSMEs. At a macro level, he believes Indify and several companies of its ilk will play a crucial role in reducing the MSME financing gap in the country. A World Bank Report suggests that about […]

India’s first invoice discounting platform

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Kredx, founded by experienced bankers, is betting on a financial product based on ‘receivables’, to help SMEs get collateral-free working capital. The founders of KredX had always noticed – from their own business experiences – the problems that arose out of delayed payments from clients. “Delayed payments almost always resulted in cash flow issues and […]

The bot platform

By in’s intelligent action bots also perform tasks, resolve issues and make the right product recommendations besides answering queries. For the past few decades, computers were merely tools in our hands to perform various tasks. What if we can infuse learning and, maybe, even emotional intelligence into software? What if we create softwares that can mimic […]

A discounted investing platform

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RKSV, the discount brokerage, has now rebranded itself to Upstox, and the founders have launched a low-cost, mobile-first stock trading platform. Shortly, the company wants to foray into mutual funds and also service the NRI market. Mumbai-based Upstox, co-founded by experienced traders Raghu Kumar, his brother Ravi Kumar, and Shrini Viswanath, is a next generation […]

MapMyGenome – Molecular Diagnostics Company

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For building a solution for predictive and preventive healthcare through genetic counseling

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