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#3 What I Learnt at Startup50

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Coach: Krish Subramanian, Co-Founder, ChargeBee Every product should be built for self-service and nowhere is this more important than on the website, as an entrepreneur has to gauge customer interest and engage accordingly Every customer should be assisted in the use of the product whether it is through free trials or other means Every entrepreneur […]

#2 What I Learnt at Startup50

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Coach: Ameera Shah, MD & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare Be careful about your commitments, especially if you are a young entrepreneur, because with some power comes great responsibility. Focus on your end goal, while also keeping a close eye on the journey along the way. Every entrepreneur plays a different role in each stage of the […]

#1 What I learnt at Startup50

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Coach: Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education Once startups have built a wonderful business, they have two choices; to sell their venture and make money, or build a sustainable business. If entrepreneurs want to build a business for the long term; they should focus immensely on taking care of their customers, keep their teams motivated […]